Our client: Griffith University

Hamilton Stone provided an excellent consultancy service with thorough analysis and forward-thinking policy strategy. The research and submissions they provided were comprehensive, and we reached our desired outcome efficiently. We particularly appreciated their thoughtful and flexible approach, and would not hesitate to recommend Hamilton Stone.
— Professor Anne Tiernan, Dean, Griffith Business School

The Griffith Climate Change Response Program leads Griffith University's research into climate change adaptation and mitigation.  Griffith's Policy Innovation Hub is a gateway for collaborative governance, supporting responsive policy-making and service delivery.

What we did for the Climate Change Response Program and the Innovation Hub

The Climate Change Response Program and Policy Innovation Hub asked for Hamilton Stone's assistance to increase the public policy engagement and impact of their work. They are already a program that is strongly outward-facing, and wanted to build their impact in the federal policy sphere.

We assisted them to prepare a submission to a national parliamentary inquiry on the implications of climate change for national security. Beyond just the submission, we worked to build the capacity of individuals and groups within the University to have an impact on public policy debates.

We liaised with key academic leaders to identify the development needs and opportunities for their climate change staff. We developed a tailored workshop for staff that both inducted them into important features of parliamentary policy processes, and helped them evaluate their strengths and key messages that they wanted to communicate.

Hamilton Stone was then tasked with synthesising scholarly publications, industry reports and stakeholder views, drafting and revising the submission in partnership with the leading academics of the Climate Change Response Program and the Policy Innovation Hub .  

The parliamentary committee tabled its report on 17 May 2018. Drawing on the submission, particularly in relation to regional resilience, a number of the Committee's recommendations directly reflect issues raised by in the submission. 

The client was very happy with the workshop and submission and we continue to work with the Innovation Hub to build the University's engagement with government and parliament.