We are inviting aged care consumers to participate in consultations

We are currently inviting aged care consumers to participate in some consultation sessions this month. The small group discussions, and one-to-one conversations, are about how consumers like to receive information about aged care issues, and what information is important to them about aged care quality. To complement written invitations being made available through stakeholder groups and providers, we made a video of the invitation too. Here it is.

These consultations are part of Hamilton Stone’s project with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, developing information for consumers about new aged care quality standards. We are working on resources to help aged care consumers understand the new aged care quality standards, how the standards relate to their care, and what they can do if their expectations are not being met. Consumers of aged care – whether they are in an aged care home or receiving support in their own homes – are at the centre of this development. For us, this is a critical aspect of the project. We are engaging with consumers, their families and carers at every step of the way so they have a direct input into the design. The goal is to make sure these resources actually meet the needs of the users – the recipients of aged care services. The new standards are expected to come into effect from 1 July this year.