Release Of Report On Information For Consumers About Aged Care Quality Standards

The Australian government will soon release a single set of aged care quality standards to apply to all government-subsidised aged care. People who use aged care mostly don't know that there are standards in place or that they will change. But quality matters to just about everyone. The Aged Care Quality Agency asked us to help them develop information for consumers about the standards.

We spent a couple of months talking to consumer organisations and to people using aged care services, asking them about how they like to get information, and what's important to them. A very diverse group of people shared their expertise and insights with us, and we summarised our findings in this report, released by the Agency.

So many individuals and organisations have supported the work of our company to make this possible. Thanks go to the National Aged Care Alliance as well as to ADA Australia, Celebrating Ageing, Dementia Australia, Ethnic Community Councils of Victoria, Goodwin Aged Care Homes, LGBTI Health Alliance, Lifeview Residential Care, Matrix Guild, Salvation Army Aged Care Plus, UnitingSA, Val's LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care, and Vintage Men.