Thanks for helping us test audio information for aged care

We are working with the Aged Care Quality Agency to develop materials that inform people getting aged care, or who are thinking of it, about aged care quality. On this page, you can listen to some audio resources about aged care quality, and send us your comments on them.


First audio clip: interview style

Second audio clip: straight to microphone

Short audio information - meet one of the people who checks the quality of aged care services

On the left are links you can click, to listen to two audio files. 

The first one is 4 minutes. We interviewed a quality surveyor, one of the inspectors who work for the Aged Care Quality Agency, and asked her about her job.

The second one is about the same length. In that one, we asked the quality surveyor to just talk into the microphone and tell us about her job herself.

Could you please listen to each of the files, and then tell us:

  1. Were either of the audio files interesting?
  2. Did you listen to the end, or stop part way through?
  3. Do you feel like you have some idea of what Robyn does for a living? Which parts of her job seem most important?
  4. Which version did you like better? What made it better?
  5. Would you prefer to have video to watch while listening, for example seeing Robyn out and about doing her job? Or did you like it being just sound?
  6. What else would you like to tell us about the recordings?

You can simply type comments into the form below. Click "submit" when you are done. You can also email us comments if you prefer. Send them to 

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