Thanks for helping us test a fact sheet information for aged care

We are working with the Aged Care Quality Agency to provide information about aged care quality, that works for people who are getting care and their families. On this page, you can look at a fact sheet about aged care standards, and send us your comments on it.


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A fact sheet about aged care standards

Attached is a fact sheet about aged care quality standards. It’s not finished yet, it’s just a draft. 

This is the kind of brochure that people might want after they have already heard some basic information and wanted to find out more, or maybe because they weren't happy with something about their care.

Could you read the fact sheet and tell us what you think? If you would like us to send you a hardcopy to write on, let us know and we will send you one.

Some things we are interested in:

  1. Could you understand the fact sheet? Which parts made sense and which parts were confusing?
  2. Was anything in the fact sheet interesting or useful?
  3. Did the information flow in a sensible order, or did you get lost?
  4. When you got to the end, did you know more about what you could expect from aged care?
  5. After reading this, what would you do if you had a concern about your care, or about someone you know who is getting aged care?
  6. What did you think of the general layout and pictures?
  7. Are there specific words or language that you would change?
  8. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the fact sheet?
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Name (leave this blank if you want to be anonymous)

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