Hamilton Stone is a group of independent and committed professionals. We offer advice, strategic thinking, analysis and stakeholder engagement. We have prepared hundreds of policy reviews and reports, in the government and non-government sectors. We have consulted thousands of stakeholders and know how to engage effectively.

We are expert writers, strategists, analysts and listeners. We look forward to working with you.

Lisa Fenn, director

BA (Hons), Grad Dip Community and Health Development

Lisa has extensive skills and experience in issue analysis, strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement and community development. She has worked in the ACT and Australian governments, parliament, non-government community services and research institutions. Her commitment to social justice and children’s wellbeing has seen her involved in family service delivery, high-level policy advice for children’s rights and services, and national policy development for mental health and vulnerable communities. She has undertaken analysis, engagement and capacity-building for aged care reform.

You can find Lisa on LinkedIn here. You can get Lisa's CV here.


Ian Holland, director

BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Public Policy, PhD

Ian has 30 years of experience in policy and politics. Working through policy analysis, organisational capacity-building, and conducting evaluations and reviews, Ian’s interest is in building cases for change. Ian has worked in parliament, the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and universities. Fields in which Ian has developed policy and overseen inquiries include aged care, arts, disability, early childhood, environment, family services, health including mental health, the public service and social services. Ian has published research and opinion on Australian politics, community engagement, organisational design, parliamentary processes, public sector reform, and policy theory and practice. Ian has taught public sector leaders about engagement, policy co-design and the toolkit for policy analysis at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government. 

You can find Ian on LinkedIn here.  You can get Ian's CV here.

Robyn Clough portrait.jpg

Robyn Clough

BA (Hons), PhD, GAICD

Robyn specialises in stakeholder engagement and policy analysis. She has over 20 years experience in the not-for-profit, private and government sectors, including several years working in the Australian parliament. Robyn has extensive understanding of governance and leadership, having worked for the Australian Institute of Management, as well as providing leadership in her own right as a Director of Lifeline. She has undertaken policy analysis and review in several social policy fields, including housing, mental health, and gender and diversity.

You can find Robyn on LinkedIn here. You can get Robyn's CV here.

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Julia Thoener

BA (Hons)

Julia is a communications and government relations specialist with 25 years’ experience gained at parliament and across Commonwealth and state government agencies. Her expertise is in advising government agencies in building relationships with their ministers and parliament, and assisting organisations in communicating with government. Through her work at the ABC, Julia has developed a particularly strong understanding of the media, and its influence on political outcomes. She is also experienced in national public awareness-raising campaigns and has developed and delivered training in writing for government and writing in plain English.

You can find Julia on LinkedIn here. You can get Julia's CV here.

Vicki Nelson

BSc (Hons), Grad Cert Professional Writing, PhD

Vicki is a professional editor, writer and project manager, with over two decades of experience across government, research institutions, not-for-profit organisations and the private sector. She has project management experience ranging from delivering development impact assessments in the Maldives to establishing new business units in universities. Her experience as a scientist and conservation manager for the Australian Government underpins her work as a writer and editor for research institutions and governments, including the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Vicki is accredited with the Institute of Professional Editors.

Why “Hamilton Stone”?

The company’s title has its roots in two family names.

Hamilton, its origin mysterious, was the name given to her baby boy by a teenage single mother living in an English poorhouse. She later married, but Frank Hamilton Holland grew up ostracised by his stepfather and travelled around the world, searching for somewhere he could make his home. He settled in Australia. Marrying the dark-skinned illegitimate daughter of an Indian man in the era of the White Australia policy, he supported a young family through the Great Depression. His is a story of vulnerability, determination and disregard for prejudice.

Stone was the name of a family of artisans. Alone among his generation of silversmiths, Robert Stone became as famous for his training of apprentices who went on to be great craftsmen, as he was for his own precious creations. He had two daughters, one a jeweller, and the other a designer and artist. It is a family in which design and imagination have partnered with technical skill and attention to detail. Theirs is a story of creativity, a commitment to high quality work, and a belief in the importance of passing skills and experience to others.

These are the family stories that inspire our business. This is the respect for vulnerability and diversity that we embrace. This is the creativity and determination that underpins all we do. This is Hamilton Stone.